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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

My goodness, this year has already started off with some drama.  In like a lion, out like a lamb though, right?

The internet is full of people's resolutions, intentions and goals for 2021.  Snow Happy's theme is love.  It really is what makes the world go around.

Love can be in a simple act of kindness, a smile for a stranger, a note to an absent friend, an extra treat for your pet.  It can also be in grand gestures too.  However it is expressed, it is a beautiful glue that brings us all together.  We all need that so desperately right now.

Snow Happy was conceived in love.  Love for the winter, for the snow, for the north, for the people who tough it out here in sometimes difficult circumstances.  

Those very people are so creative, so imaginative and have so much to share.  It is our honour to be able to share just a wee bit of it with you.

May 2021 bring every happiness and blessing to you and your family.

In health and love,

The Snow Happy Family