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Introducing This Bag

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Introducing This Bag

This is the story of two Canadians who were laying awake, worrying about the seasonal businesses that would most likely not open after the impacts of Covid-19, when the idea of this amazing initiative came to them.  This Bag registered as a non-profit organization and has been providing grants and donating to causes that not only support small businesses but also address food security among children, the health of our bee population, educating girls and accessibility of clean water.

This Bag believes that Canadian small businesses make up the framework of our communities. Our small business owners closed their doors to help keep everyone safe, and now This Bag hopes to return the favour and help keep their business stay safe and well as they take steps to adapt in this ever changing marketplace.

Already, This Bag has had a significant impact across Canada.  For more information on This Bag or to apply for a grant, please visit