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Virgo Zodiac Sign Hand-Illustrated Vinyl Sticker

Mountain Mornings

Virgo Zodiac Sign Hand-Illustrated Vinyl Sticker


A hand illustrated, unique design that represents the spirit of Virgo.  Virgo people are sweet and kind, humble and practical.

These stickers are waterproof and ready to follow you on your next adventure.

3.5" x 3"

➳ Colour sticker with natural elements based on the hand-drawn illustration.
➳ They are scratch-resistant, dishwasher safe, weatherproof, and waterproof stickers.
➳ Professionally printed on premium vinyl with a permanent adhesive to ensure the best quality.
➳ Printed from recycled materials, PVC and Latex-free.
➳ With UV protection which prevents the colours from fading, they last outdoor for 2-4 years.
➳ Perfect for your cars, bikes, campers, water bottles, helmets, laptops or any flat surface.