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About Snow Happy

Imagine that you are wrapped up in a heavy knitted blanket, holding a warm cup of tea.  The world outside the window is crisp, cold and snow-laden, and though it looks beautiful, you don't have to venture out there.  You can curl up with your book, your dog, or the latest new online TV drama.  It's utter bliss.

Imagine too that it's a bluebird day.  It's crisp and cold outdoors, and the heavy blanket is now of snow, freshly covering the mountain tops.  You can't wait to get out there.  You layer up, and get outside to skate, ski, board or hike.

The Danes might have hygge, but we Canadians have snow happiness.

Snow Happy Canada showcases incredible and talented Canadian artisans that embody this winter joy and the beauty of the North in their work.