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White Raven Handcrafted Soap
White Raven Handcrafted Soap

RavenSong Soap and Candle

White Raven Handcrafted Soap



White Raven is a mythological being of Haida legends with pure white feathers.  She managed to trick the greedy Chief who held the moon captive for his own enjoyment.  She released the moon back into the sky so the world could enjoy the light, ending the long black nights.  As she flew through the smoke-hole of longhouse to release the moon into the night sky, the soot stained her beautiful white feathers and the transformation began.  Scented with a custom essential oil blend, this mystical bar will enchant you.

Use daily as needed – rinse well and gently pat dry. For external use only. For all skin types.

All soaps have been individually handcrafted so variance in pattern, color and design are expected; giving each one its own unique design and character.