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Sterling Silver Stretchy Bracelet
Sterling Silver Stretchy Bracelet

Eliza Perry Jewellery

Sterling Silver Stretchy Bracelet


This little beauty is a classic addition to anyone's wrist.  Light and classic!

Anyone familiar with Eliza Perry Jewellery will be happy to see a new design to add to their bracelet stack.  This bracelet spaces 5mm beads with 3mm ones.  Strung on sturdy elastic for longevity.  Wear your bracelet 24/7 if you desire!

 The standard size of these bracelets is 6 3/4" and fits the majority of women.  They are designed to fit slightly snug on the wrist and not extend to the hand.  Please measure the exact circumference of your wrist with a piece of string and add 3/4" to determine your sizing.  Please contact us if you require a different size at

Exclusively created and handmade for Snow Happy.